February 2020

November 2019

  • Pea Nut Girl

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    The “Early Banjo Tune of the Week” for November 4, 2019.

    Composed by W.H. Gassner in James Buckley’s 1868 book, given more of a 1920s treatment here with plectrum banjo and parlor guitar accompaniment.

July 2019

  • The Glen Waltz

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    By G.H. Bisbee, from Frank B. Converse’s 1872 book “The Banjo and How to Play It.” Played on a fretted banjo in modern concert tuning.

  • Far South Reel

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    From p. 105 of Frank Converse’s Analytical Banjo method, meticulously notated syncopation & all.

June 2019

  • Spanish Waltz

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    From Frank B. Converse’s “The Banjo and How to Play It”

  • Zephyr Waltz

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    From Frank B. Converse’s 1872 “The Banjo and How to Play It”

May 2019

  • The Silver Heel

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    A jig from Frank Converse’s 1872 “The Banjo and How to Play It.”

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